Shield Your Web Site Name – Keep Website Name Registration and Site Hosting Separate.

Being a businessman is an enjoyable challenge that many folks prefer over working for another person. If you don't have talents in any one of those areas, it might mean lower profits at the close of the day.

As an example, if you're bad with numbers, you may wish to contact a business service to look after your book keeping and accounting jobs. These have proved to be an useful resource and have risen in appreciation during the past decade. Another sort of business service is website hosting and S.E.O methods. While this could appear like a smart idea as you can register and host your site name from one place having your web site name registration and website hosting services at 2 different places will give more protection for your site name and internet site than having them both in one place. What's Site Name Registration? When you first choose a site name you want to register it so it becomes yours and yours alone. What's Website Hosting? Website hosting is the hosting of the internet site and the internet pages and shouldn't be confused with registering a domain. There are plenty of website hosting packages out there. Meanwhile you site will be down as the hosted sites won't longer be available – If you pay for re-registration and they don't do the re-registration you'll lose your web site name. By keeping your site name registration separate from your website hosting, you'll be guaranteeing that you'll always own your domain. You'll also make sure that you have control over your website name.
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