Managed Hosting – What’s it all about?

Here as an entrepreneur, you are purchasing space from a giant host provider, and redistributing the hosting space to other site owners. Resellers are nothing apart from entrepreneurs acting as agents, offering you hosting services by leasing space and time from another Web host’s server instead of owning their own. reseller hosting business can be a profit making venture after you understand the figures and margins concerned. Some hosts permit you to oversell the space and don't charge you additional unless the use of your account surpasses 1000MB. And mind well, this earnings is unearned income. Your activities are targeted towards selling hosting space and the rest is handled by your website host. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for some time now nonetheless, because dedicated servers can be tricky to operate technically, there's been a requirement for web hosts to provide additional services like : reporting and monitoring ; managed load balancing ; managed security ; managed storage ; and, managed databases.

These additional services are known as ‘managed hosting’. You'll need a dedicated server if you happen to have a high traffic website. A dedicated server is costlier to rent and trickier to operate than a multi user hosts solution but if your business depends upon a steady service then you need to actually consider hiring a dedicated server. The sole downside with dedicated website hosting is that you'll have to do lots of the server administration yourself, and to try this you'll need to possess some technical talents ; therefore the clamor for managed hosting. If you fall into this class of wanting a dedicated server but you want your host to provide system administration services like security, firewalls, monitoring and reporting services, and info backup then probably you will need managed hosting. How does one find Managed hosting packages? Many web hosts who once provided only shared and dedicated website hosting are now starting to offer managed services too. A handy place to start to look for managed hosting is thru website hosting directories and search websites, by doing a search for managed hosting you need to receive a good list of managed hosting suppliers. By doing this you'll earn regular commissions on their monthly sales. Interpole Solutions was formed in March 2001.