Why Linux Hosting is Gaining More Presence Than Windows Hosting?

Well, that is just the answer isn’t it?

Linux platform has been developed by Community based efforts and it's been rendered for pro use with the attempts of many IT corporations like Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake and like.

The pricetag efficacy in this competitive age is a major boost the corporations needed without cutting corners on the quality and security of the product.

The almost free distribution of PHP, MySQL, PERL has reduced the expenses of the site hosting fantastically on Linux Server. The net version will be a stripped-down version of the programme which has speedily become a sector standard for graphics pros. A sneak preview at Adobes photographys future : Now the company offers 4 versions of its Photoshop software, starting with the top-end CS2 package which is aimed at creative pros all of the way to the free Album Starter Edition which is employed by the casual snapper. The Photobucket features will be available to the sites users sometime in March.

Adobes shift to free online applications follows similar moves by other software makers. Google ( Charts ), as an example, has released online word processing and spreadsheet software under the Google Docs banner. Note that if you choose “;Front Page Extensions” ; during site design, you should enable Front Page extensions on a Linux website server also. Frequently , the following extensions are supported.

Most generally used : Linux / Unix based website hosting is most commonly used compared against Windows based website hosting.

Therefore all kudos to Linux and open-source technologies for making the technology cheap and in reach of common man.