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The move is a component of a bigger effort by the company to bring key facets of its software portfolio – which includes audio, video and graphics applications – online to draw advertising greenbacks and lure users into purchasing software upgrades. Blog hosting. A preview at Adobes photographys future : Now the company offers 4 versions of its Photoshop software, starting with the top-end CS2 package which is aimed at creative executives all of the way to the free Album Starter Edition which is utilized by the casual snapper. According to Adobe, the web offering will be more like the consumer goods. As well as explaining what's meant by inexpensive hosting web, I might like to cover some other areas that I feel you may have asked yourself, at sometime during the past. You may save cash if you purchase both separately. Are there fiscal issues concerned and where is hosting acquired? So how much will hosting cost? Well if you purchase a website name with so called free hosting ( yer right ), this can set you back roughly $8 a month which may finish up at $96 a year. Adobes shift to free online applications follows similar moves by other software makers.