Three Perilous traffic killers thanks to website hosting services.

This unreliability can be due to many considerations. It might be the internet host using sub standard sub-standard servers. It might even be the internet host overselling their services and enrolling lots more accounts than their available resources can support.

*Some sites are basic and should load swiftly and yet they take ages. Most browsers ( and your possible clients ) won't wait but will close the slow window and move on some other place. Here’s a superb page on the theme of
google hosting. These slow speeds may in a few cases be due to the same reasons as I have listed in ‘b ‘ above. One businessman even bitched latterly that when they called the support dept of a certain host company, the telephone was answered alright but by a non-English talking expert.

Luis Perez is the president and General Manager for MDS-Host, a website hosting company.