What Do Your Web “Stats” Mean?

Your website hosting supplier should offer you “Usage Statistical data ” or “Web Numbers ” with your account.

A good stats programme will be offering you the info below : * Number of unique user sessions – This is s a measure of one person’s time and activity on your website and the best way to determine how often your internet site has been visited.

* User sessions each day – This is the daily measurement of how many unique visitors came to your internet site, what time they were coming most, and so on. * Average quantity of time spent on site per user – This assists you to tell how effective your internet site is at holding a visitors concentration span. Here is lots more info all about plr article pack. The same spectator can view the same page many times, so this isn't as correct as the unique user sessions number. * Most well-liked pages – This is useful in deciding which pages your visitors view the most. * Top trails thru site – This is a virtual “map” of which pages your visitors will view in their session. When selecting your website hosting company, you must consider 3 issues : Prices In General talking you may be able to find a good multi-user hosts plan for somewhere between $5 and $30 a month. Server Technologies – You are going to need to make sure your host provider supports whatever server technologies you may need for your website.